Personal Stylist, Shopping,  Wardrobe Editing, &  Image Consulting

Are you looking for a new look? Do you love to shop but just don’t have the time? When you go shopping do you have a hard time matching items together? If so, Dean of Fashion can help you with all your fashionista needs. We offer personal styling, personal shopping and makeovers.   Dean of Fashion will share with you some of her favorite fashion secrets and help you on the right track to a more trendy and chic style that goes great with you. Contact Dean of Fashion today for your consultation.

Book a Fashion Party

Let Dean of Fashion host your next fashion party. They are perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, teenage fun parties or just a fun night with the girls.  All fashion parties require a $50 non-refundable travel and set-up fee.

Event Speaker

As a Full- Figured Woman, Dean of Fashion understands the unmet need of the full-figured woman and believes that all women should exude confidence and not let size defeat them. Dean of Fashion not only offers exclusive styles for the exquisite woman but also acts as a dynamic liaison for the full-figured community, motivating women to live and fulfill there dreams in spite of what stereotypes society has placed on them.  If you are hosting an event and would like for Dean of Fashion to attend as a uplifting special guest please contact us at


Fashion and Event Hosting

If you are planning a fashion event and would like for Dean of Fashion Models to host an event or to showcase some of our apparel please contact us at